6 Ways to De-stress on Your Wedding Day

Everyone knows weddings are stressful, but not everyone knows that serenity can be right down the aisle! Check out these ways to lighten the load and help you de-stress on your wedding day!


1. Create a Wedding Timeline

Most of the stress on the day of comes from unanswered questions and miscommunication. You’re trying to get your makeup down and your phone is buzzing with texts about family pictures. You’re trying to enjoy some girl time with your bridesmaids and people keep interrupting with questions about when to be at the church. Trust me! You need a timeline. With a wedding timeline, all of these questions can be answered without coming to YOU. Goodbye, stressful questions, and Hello, second mimosa! Just don’t forget to have plenty of copies for all the vendors and members of the wedding party— in fact, texted timelines are even better! For some extra help on creating a wedding timeline, read this post!

2. Adopt a Wedding Mantra

Are things falling behind schedule? Did a groomsmen forget his suit? Did the wedding photographer take the wedding party pictures before the boutonnieres arrived? Repeat after me: “I am not responsible for anyone but myself” or “I am calm and peaceful and beautiful” or “It will be as it is supposed to be”. Find what mantra works best for you and then repeat it throughout the day. Breathe in the stress and breathe out the mantra. Yes, my dear one. You will be as peaceful as a lily pad. Namaste.

3. Hire a Day-of Coordinator

There are so many things to juggle on the day of your wedding, and unless you have a team of committed volunteers, much of this hassle is going to fall on your shoulders! It helps to have one person to direct all questions. Often times, these day-of coordinators are actually involved in the wedding day about a month out. They help you will final logistics like: parking, coordinating deliveries, overseeing reception cleanup, tipping the help, and any other little task that needs to be managed. Having a day-of coordinator allows you to de-stress and focus on getting married, while all the other issues are handled!

4. Create Your Wedding Playlists

This is a really fun one that you can start TODAY! You’re going to need a couple of different playlists for the day: Getting Ready, Pre-Wedding Music for Guests, Reception Music, Clean-up Music. Music makes everything better, and you’re going to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning. Having that perfect playlist to ease into the day is a perfect way to de-stress and keep the energy high. Adding your own special touch to the start of the ceremony by playing some of your favorite songs while the guests file to their seats is another great way to make the ceremony relaxed and fun. I think it says a lot about the style of the couple when you hear their joint music taste. And finally, reception dance music! That is a super fun playlist to create that will keep you dancing all night long! And I promise, no one can be stressed when they’re dancing it out with their favorite people.

5. Pamper Yourself

Pampering starts with the word “yes”. Say yes to help, yes to that second glass of wine, yes to that conversation with your grandmother, yes to YOU time. Allow yourself to be served. Sometimes it is so easy to think that you don’t need to trouble people with a task that you can totally handle all yourself, but that’s not what this day is about. You need to give yourself permission to delegate and permission to say yes even when it feels unnecessary. You need this time. So get that massage with your favorite hot oil. Enjoy an epsom salt bath with your favorite podcast. And have that YOU time journaling and remembering every minute of this chapter.

6. Have a First Look

This is the biggest day of your life. Trust me when I say, you are going to want to see your man. When you have a first look, you’re able to take pause right there in the middle of the day and check in with the love of your life. You’re able to have a little portrait session, and wrap up tight in his arms on a day where you might really need a hug.

Courtney Sellers Creator of Black Wedding Journal Fox Weddings Photographer

Courtney Sellers
Creator of Black Wedding Journal
Fox Weddings Photographer


Breathe in the chaos, breathe out the peace! You have got this. Hopefully, these 6 ways to de-stress will be helpful on your wedding day!

John Sellers