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My husband and I have worked in the wedding industry for the last 10 years and have served over 150 brides through a variety of services including: wedding coordinating, venue development, photography, and film. We have learned so much about the wedding industry along the way! We approach every wedding with a commitment to service. Wedding Day is about the bride and groom and their commitment to one another. This collection of advice, from a network of professional wedding vendors, is housed in our newest project: an online magazine dedicated to serving brides for the most important day of their lives.

Black Wedding Journal is a bride’s practical guide for planning a stress-free wedding. This online magazine is designed to encourage brides and empower them in the midst of real world chaos by offering tips and tricks for planning the ultimate wedding. Our goal with creating Black Wedding Journal as a core resource for brides is to help brides who are in need of organizational tools, helpful tips, and answers to some of a bride’s toughest questions. Using top advice from professional experts in the field, we are compiling all this information and advice into one convenient location. This is the Black Wedding Journal, a Bride’s practical guide to planning a stress-free wedding.
— Courtney Sellers, Creator of Black Wedding Journal